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IntelliVision Selected as one of the top 10 Promising Retail Technology Companies

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IntelliVision will be Showcasing its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS Now) at the ADAS Sensors Workshop in Detroit, Michigan on May 19, 2016. Visit us at Table 6!
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IntelliVision Video Analytics and Automated Monitoring

“The Brains Behind the Eyes”

IntelliVision at a Glance

IntelliVision is the market leader in providing Intelligent Video Analytics, video content analysis, and automated surveillance solutions. Whether it is facial recognition, retail business intelligence, advanced security analytics, or Customer Metrics; IntelliVision’s multiple platform coverage permits its analytics technology to be seamlessly integrated with a diverse range of existing hardware via embedded, server, or in the cloud. Offering unique patented technology for video analytics—processing, searching, video data mining, and analyzing vast amounts of real-time or stored video on a device or in the Cloud—IntelliVision has been recognized as the “Brains Behind the Eyes” for many camera applications.

Our Products & Solutions

  • Intelligent Video Analytics
  • Mobile Visual Search
  • Cloud Video Analytics, Video Surveillance & Video Access as a Service
  • Business Intelligence
  • Smart Home & Business
  • Smart Retail & Mobile
  • Smart Machines & Transit

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IntelliVision provides the largest suite of video analytics products deployed in the market today.

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